"Flips" are identified as complete remodels including the interior and exterior of the house and its surroundings (front and back landscape, fence, etc.).


A typical "flip" consists of dry rot and termite repairs, new HVAC, bathroom and kitchen remodel, hardwood/tile floor or carpet installation, new paint, new light fixtures and electrical outlets, structural changes to the layout, new garage door installation, new exterior stucco and a full landscape and more.


Dorin Buzatu Construction provides high-quality remodels of such distressed properties in usually three to six weeks, depending on the property's condition. We are an experienced, licensed, honest and highly skilled contracting company. We offer full management, inspections, remodel and design services.


Our strong track record of delivering great products and design on time and on budget is undeniable. Our houses sell quickly and receive multiple offers over the asking price even in today's market.


If you are a REO Realtor, home owner of a distressed property or an investor looking for results and do not want to experience headaches of working with amateurs contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 510.847.3815